Super Senior Amateur Legal Limit AM Transmitter

160m/80m * 80m/40m

The SuperSenior covers two of your favorite bands. It is available in TWO models, one covering 160 and 80 meters and the other covering 80 and 40 meters.

Legal Limit

The SuperSenior provides LEGAL LIMIT output with up to 375 watts of carrier (adjustable from front panel) and audio peaks reaching 1500 watts, no time limit!

Audio Quality Plus

The SuperSenior provides audio quality next to none! You can install the K7DYY D104 MKII Audio Processor in the base of your D104 or use professional audio equipment with the SS.

PLL VFO Control

The SuperSenior has advanced PLL VFO control providing 1 khz steps.

Power Efficiency

The SuperSenior connects to 120 V AC supply. It provides legal limit output and it draws only 5 amperes at full power, slightly more on audio peaks.


The SuperSenior has protection circuitry to keep high SWR or direct shorts from damaging the transmitter.

Auto Band Select

The SuperSenior will automatically select the correct band for you. Just dial in your frequency and the SS does the rest.

T/R Switching

The SuperSenior has transmit receive switching built in for your convenience. No DowKey necessry!

D104 Mark II Audio Processor

  • This is a new version of the K7DYY D-104 audio processor with features used in broadcast type audio processing chains in addition to the compression and limiting of the original version.

    The phase rotator circuit has been used for many years in the broadcast industry to provide louder audio without introducing distortion. Here is a link to an article by Gary Blau W3AM, a broadcast consultant engineer describing the technique:

    W3AM Article

    The new D-104 MK2 processor incorporates the phase rotator while retaining the same size as the original D-104 processor. The new MK2, like the original audio processor, still fits in the base of the venerable D-104 microphone stand!

    The compression averaging time has been extended to avoid having the noise gate open between words. The noise gate threshold has also been lowered. In addition, a jumper has been added to allow the noise gate function to be disabled completely for operation in a quiet room.

    A low pass filter has been added to provide a gentle rolloff above 6khz to reduce broadband noise from the D-104 microphone.